Protect Safe, Healthy Choices

Stand Up for Safe Food & Beverage Choices

Some politicians want to interfere with the safe food and beverage choices that you love – limiting your options and threatening the choices you make to feed your family.

Options like no- and low-sugar beverages are crucial for families and communities who are trying to reach their overall health goals and reduce sugar intake. Why take away these options that are catalyzing this success? With grocery prices at an all time high, families need to be able to choose the food and beverages that are right for them.

Not only is it imperative to preserve a diverse range of food and beverage options for Americans like you, but we need to support the institutions that keep our food – and families – safe. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is the gold standard in regulating the safety of our nation’s food supply. That’s why we support the FDA and its review process. The FDA has affirmed the safety of zero-sugar sweeteners, like aspartame, which many people choose to help reduce sugar intake. This choice may now be at risk.