Unite Against Unfair Taxes and Regulations

People feel taxed enough & don’t need to be told what to put in their grocery carts. We need to keep foods & beverages affordable and end unreasonable taxation & regulation.

The evidence is clear: the spread of excessive taxes and regulations on groceries harms working families the most. They raise grocery bills, hurt local businesses and risk jobs.

Politicians and pro-tax advocacy groups are looking to raise taxes on everyday items on our grocery lists. Beverage taxes have been imposed in several cities causing prices to skyrocket. This is hurting working families, neighborhood businesses and workers who live paycheck to paycheck. Pro-tax advocacy groups are targeting foods they don’t like and don’t want us to eat with taxes they’ll never pay. Enough is enough.

People are standing up to these unfair taxes and regulations. Families, small businesses and working people want a better way for their political leaders to handle budget issues than making our foods and beverages unaffordable.

Together we can send the message that unfair taxation and overregulation of groceries is harmful to our pocketbooks, our jobs, our economy.

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