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ICYMI: Shoddy Science Shields Paternalistic Pop Tax

Americans for Food and Beverage Choice

A recent street survey recently grabbed national headlines by claiming a grocery tax in Berkeley caused soda consumption to drop considerably. While we all know that shock value, alarmist headlines, and misinformation run rampant in the online news landscape, many readers do not evaluate the methodology or science behind the click bait.

Luckily, Julie Kelly and Jeff Stier set the record straight on this particular survey for a piece featured in RealClearHealth. As they note, the report in question was not evidence that the tax was working and the methodology used was “inherently suspect” by admission of the researchers themselves. According to Kelly and Stier, “The headlines not only sounded too good to be true, but an actual reading, let alone analysis, of the study showed they were completely wrong.”

So the next time something sounds too good to be true, it just may well be. Thankfully, we can count on proven facts and valid research to stand the test of time.

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