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Some in government have proposed policies that threaten to limit our freedom to choose the foods and beverages that are right for us and our families. Americans for Food and Beverage Choice is a group dedicated to protecting the rights of Americans to make these choices for themselves.

Why? Because, whether it’s at a restaurant or in a grocery store, it’s never the government’s job to decide what you choose to eat and drink.

Our mission is to spread awareness about regulations that would limit consumer choice, and provide Americans with more information about the choices they make every day, allowing them to lead healthy, balanced and active lifestyles.


We believe that people can decide for themselves what they can eat and drink. Whether it’s a “soda tax”, or portion size restriction, government regulations won’t make people healthy—only diet, exercise and nutrition education can do that.

Discriminatory taxes and regulations will only hurt middle- and low-income families as they work to manage their budgets in these tough economic times. Job creators will also be hurt—from the small businesses in our communities to large American companies that provide millions of jobs nationwide. And in the process, consumers will lose the freedom to choose what they eat and drink.

Economic data and research confirms that this approach to addressing health concerns and obesity problems is misguided. You can’t tax people to better health. However, you can provide them with information to make the choices that are right for them.

Healthy living is a choice—in fact it’s many choices. That’s why we invite you to join us as we work to protect the freedom of individuals across the country to choose the foods and beverages that complement their lifestyle.