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Soda Tax Facts

What you need to know about the Illinois Beverage Tax

Here’s what Illinois shoppers and taxpayers need to know about the beverage tax proposed by politicians in Springfield:

How much will the beverage tax cost me?
Quite a bit! The current proposal would increase the price of common beverages like soft drinks, sports drinks, juices, and teas by a penny per-ounce. And while that might not sound like much at first, it could mean a price increase of 72% on some beverages!

Worse, many of the beverages you drink every day are already taxed in Illinois. In Chicago, where beverages are already hit with a sales tax and a special city tax, the current proposal would result in a single product being taxed 3 different times.

What beverages will be taxed?
The tax singles out one industry: While soft drinks, juice drinks, sweetened teas, sports drinks, and some flavored waters might fall under the tax, sugar-sweetened lattes and milkshakes will not.

Will there be other consequences from the Illinois beverage tax?
Sadly, yes. The beverage tax will hit more than your wallet. Piling a beverage tax on top of businesses and families who are already struggling to make ends meet will negatively impact thousands of jobs and put millions of dollars in economic activity at risk.

Politicians should focus on what matters most – education, jobs and the economy – and leave the grocery shopping to us.

Is there any proof a tax like this would help Illinoisans lead healthier lives?
Nope. There has never been a case where a beverage tax delivered measurable results in the fight against obesity. The bottom line is all calories count, not just calories from one type of food or drink. Education, not taxation, is the key to healthy living.

What can I do to make sure this tax is defeated in Springfield?
Join the Illinois Coalition Against Beverage Taxes. We’re a group of concerned citizens, businesses and community organizations that want Springfield politicians to realize Illinois working families can decide for themselves what to eat and drink. We don’t need politicians filing through our shopping carts!

If you agree, send an email to your state legislator and tell your friends and family about why the Illinois Beverage Tax is a bad idea.