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Say NO to the Chicago Beverage Tax

Chicago Aldermen are talking about yet another tax on beverages like soft drinks, juice drinks, sports drinks, fountain drinks, teas, and more

Here’s what shoppers and taxpayers need to know:

How much is the proposed tax?
A penny-per-ounce. It might not seem like much, but it adds up: A 12-pack of soda will cost $1.44 extra. With an active tax threat in Springfield on top of this tax threat in Chicago, if some had their way, Chicagoans would be paying an extra $2.88 per 12-pack. That’s a price hike you’ll definitely notice at checkout.

Isn’t there already a beverage tax in Chicago?
Yes, Chicago already has a special tax on soft drinks and on bottled water. We didn’t need those taxes, and we sure don’t need this one.

How will the tax affect the Chicago economy?
The tax is just a money grab for the city government to fix the budget. Their financial woes shouldn’t drain our wallets. What’s more, local businesses, like restaurants and grocery stores, will also take a hit. Chicago can’t afford more job losses.

How will the tax impact the Chicago government?
The tax would just inflate the Chicago government and increase bureaucracy with the creation of a new oversight committee for the revenue. This at a time when Chicago can't pay for what it already owes.

How can I help?
Speak up! Join the Chicago Coalition Against Beverage Taxes coalition and tell your lawmakers that the contents of your grocery bags are your business.