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Illinois for Food and Beverage Choice is an initiative of the Illinois Beverage Association with support from the American Beverage Association. The coalition is made up of concerned citizens, businesses, and community organizations that aims to send a strong message to our politicians — we pay too many taxes as it is. The government is already big enough. We don't need them telling us how to shop at the grocery store. These taxes are simply money grabs that won't really make anybody healthier.

Our mission is to strongly oppose taxes on our favorite beverages, such as soda pop, juice drinks, energy drinks, sweetened teas, and flavored waters and to take action. We formed the coalition to join forces and unite against rising costs in our grocery carts. We are your neighbors, local businesses, and community organizations — and we all oppose efforts that lead to more government spending and higher taxes for the people of Illinois.


We believe that people can decide for themselves what they can eat and drink. Whether it's a "soda tax", or portion size restriction, government regulations won't make people healthy—only diet, exercise and nutrition education can do that.

Discriminatory taxes and regulations will hurt middle- and low-income families as they work to manage their budgets in these tough economic times. Job creators will also be hurt—from the small businesses in our communities to large American companies that provide millions of jobs nationwide. And in the process, consumers will lose the freedom to choose what they eat and drink.

Economic data and research confirms that this approach to addressing health concerns and obesity problems is misguided. You can't tax people to better health. However, you can provide them with information to make the choices that are right for them.

Healthy living is a choice—in fact it's many choices. That's why we invite you to join us as we work to protect the freedom of individuals across the country to choose the foods and beverages that complement their lifestyle.


Illinois Chamber of Commerce
Illinois Manufacturers Association
Illinois Retail Merchants Association
Illinois Restaurant Association
Illinois Licensed Beverage Association
Illinois Farm Bureau
Illinois Food Retailers Association
Illinois Policy Institute
Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association
Illinois Association of Convenience Stores
Illinois Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Illinois Chapter, National Association of Theater Owners
Associated Beer Distributors of Illinois
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce
Chicago Hospitality Association
National Automatic Merchandising Association
Black McDonald’s Owner Operators Association
National Federation of Independent Business Owners
Teamsters Joint Council 25
Americans for Prosperity
Bloomington Normal Convention and Tourism Bureau
7-Eleven, Inc.
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