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Baylen Linnekin
American University
George Mason Law School

"I think that if activists who supported these, legislatures who supported these really understood how difficult it is to actually implement these laws and the negative consequences…maybe they would think twice.”

Fabián Ghirardelly
Kantar WorldPanel México

"We posed this question: Is the average Mexican individual getting thinner [with these taxes] or just poorer? And the truth is, he is poorer.”

Cuauhtémoc Rivera
Mexico Small Merchants Association (ANPEC)

"This tax has “made an important impact on stores to the point of making many retail locations unaffordable. In fact, many merchants have had to shut down…”

Adelaida López Mercado
Mexican Nutritionist College

"If the purpose is to prevent and fight obesity, this is not an adequate way in my opinion because people need information to realistically change their habits and better their lifestyles.”

Raúl Riquelme Cacho
Mexican Chamber of Commerce (CONCAMIN)

"If I was the Secretary, I would ask myself, ‘Why remove a tax that has provided me with $32 million in one year? Even better—nothing happened with consumption. So they may even dare increase it."